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Solvay Coke

45-acre Superfund site for Redevelopment Demolition, Grading, Erosion Control, Environmental Remediation and Site Restoration Plans Complete Set of Technical Specifications Construction Quality Assurance Project Plan Fugitive Emissions Management Plan

Town Bank Tank Closure

Lake Michigan Bluff Stabilizations

Bluff Stabilization for 5 Homes on Lake Michigan in Racine County Permitting through Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Gavin Petro Emergency Response

KSingh & Associates, Inc. was retained by Gavin Petro, LLC to manage emergency environmental response due to a break of an underground gasoline supply pipe at their facility.

State Street Corridor Redevelopment

KSingh & Associates, Inc. was retained by the City of Racine to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on seventeen properties along the north side of State Street. The Phase I identified three recognized environmental conditions within the subject study area. The recognized environmental conditions included a former salvage yard, a former dry cleaning facility, and a former gas station and garage with a hydraulic lift. A Phase II ESA was conducted in order to determine whether or not the recognized environmental conditions had impacted the soil and groundwater within the project area.

MMSD 30th Street Corridor

The City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), in cooperation with WHEDA

Menomonee River Environmental Restoration

KSingh & Associates, Inc. was retained by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District to provide on-call engineering services for concrete removal for the Menomonee River Channel between Wisconsin Avenue and IH94 west of the Valley Park subdivision.

St. Joseph Hospital Fuel System Replacement

KSingh was retained by St. Joseph Hospital Milwaukee to assess concerns about the future use and needs for its electrical generation and boiler system. Underground storage tanks (USTs) provided diesel fuel for the hospital’s generators.

Rock River Renaissance

The Rock Renaissance Area is a 240-acre area within the City’s central business district (the downtown) which lies along both banks of the Rock River from the Memorial Drive Bridge south to the Jackson Street Bridge. The Rock Renaissance area was identified as a priority for assessment, planning, cleanup, and targeted redevelopment through a public process within the City’s Comprehensive Brownfield’s program.