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Jefferson County Highway Facility

Jefferson County Highway Facility
Jefferson County
Jefferson County Highway Dept.
Scope of Services
Design Survey
Certified Survey Map
Geotechnical Engineering
Stormwater Management
Site Engineering
Urban Roadway Design
Parking Lot Design
Wetland Mitigation

K. Singh provided the site design of a new highway fleet maintenance facility in the City of Jefferson. Jefferson County selected a 70- acre site for its new facility and required site/civil engineering and architectural design services. K. Singh provided site plans, grading plans, parking lot realignment design, landscape design, building design, topographic survey, geotechnical and traffic engineering, storm water management, and hydraulic and hydrologic modeling. The existing site had wetlands that required intensive permitting with the WDNR. In total, the project required three plan reviews, and five permits including the general wetland permit.

The geotechnical investigation consisted of performing soil borings for the building, parking lot, retention pond, and bioswale. It also included making recommendations for the design of footing and addressing key construction challenges during construction for the buildings, detention basins, parking lot and other utilities.

As part of the storm water management, K. Singh designed a wet retention pond and a new storm sewer network to convey runoff to the pond. Additionally, K. Singh designed a bio swale running along the west and northern boundaries of the site. The stormwater design was constructible, cost effective, and exceeded the WDNR stormwater quality goals.

The site itself included 15-acres of pavement with several large industrial buildings. The lot was designed to accommodate heavy, large vehicles and construction equipment.

The project also included development of a Certified Survey Map because there were multiple parcel divisions and out lots created to spur future development.

The construction cost was approximately $14,000,000 and due to the efforts of our design team, only 3 RFIs were issued by the contractor.