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Fox River Watershed Survey

Fox River Watershed Survey
Fox River Watershed Survey
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Scope of Services
Floodplain Survey
Bathymetric Survey of Channel Bottom
Structure Survey
Structure Sketches

K. Singh & Associates, Inc. (KSingh) was retained by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to perform flood plain survey, bathymetric survey, and structure survey for the Fox River Watershed. This watershed covered multiple counties and required survey of its tributaries, its main reach, and all of the structures along its various reaches and tributaries.

Paul Kubicek, PLS and Greg Griffin were the KSingh team that were responsible for this project. Both Paul and Greg performed the field work and the office work including submittals to the WDNR.

The work consisted of over 600 channel cross sections at the banks and at various points along the channel bottom. In addition to the 600 channel cross sections, 212 structures were surveyed as well. The structure opening areas were sketched and surveyed for use in flood plain modeling. The sketches were submitted with the cross section survey points.

Field work required Paul and Greg to survey the cross sections in the shallower areas by themselves. In the deeper sections of the channel, they utilized a boat and a driver to assist with timing and to increase efficiencies.