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Greenfield Law Enforcement Center

Greenfield Law Enforcement Center
Milwaukee County
Contract Period 2006-2007
Bray Associates Architects, Inc.
Scope of Services
Geotechnical Investigation
Environmental Assessment
Traffic Impact Analysis
Storm Water Management
Parking Lot Design
Driveway Design
Agency Coordination

The City of Greenfield proposed constructing improvements to its Law Enforcement Center site. The property houses a fire station, a police station, and the public works garage with a storage yard. A residential building was also located on a neighboring property where 52nd Street was proposed to be extended to West Layton Avenue for law enforcement vehicles.

K. Singh & Associates, Inc. (K. Singh) was retained to conduct a traffic study to address the impact of traffic from the proposed development. Design of parking lots and driveways on the Greenfield Service Center and South 52nd Street adjacent to the east side of the Center were completed by K. Singh. A left turn lane was added to the median of West Layton Ave. (CTH “Y”) to accommodate movements into the new South 52nd Street. The parking area included stamped concrete walkways and grassed median drainage ways.

A storm water management plan was prepared to meet the “new development” requirements of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). A sanitary sewer relay was designed to be routed around the proposed center. New water main, sanitary and storm sewers were designed to serve residential development along the east side of South 52nd Street. Approvals were required from the City of Milwaukee Water Works, City of Greenfield, MMSD, Milwaukee County and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A geotechnical exploration was conduct on the property to evaluate the suitability of the site’s subsurface for the new construction. Sixteen soil borings were performed under the observation of K. Singh and recommendations for removing unsuitable soils were suggested for the proposed construction. The project has been successfully constructed.