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KK River Parkway Replacement

KK River Parkway Replacement
Milwaukee County
Scope of Services
Geotechnical Investigation
Hydraulic Analysis
Approach Road Design
Environmental Documentation
Hazmat Investigation
Structural Design
Community-Sensitive Design
Design Study Report

KSingh was retained by Milwaukee County to reconstruct the Kinnickinnic (KK) River Parkway Bridge over the KK River. The existing bridge was a three span, steel girder structure constructed in 1963 and located in the City of Milwaukee. It had a concrete deck overlay with asphaltic concrete, which contained random cracks throughout.

The existing bridge had a sufficiency rating of 31.6 and needed replacement. The underside of the bridge deck contained areas where the lower layer of rebar was completely exposed with severe rust.

The design approach consisted of reviewing the conditions of the existing structure and evaluating the information available to design and construct a new bridge.

The new bridge design accommodates a multi-use path on its north side. Because of this, the sidewalk on the bridge had to be widened to 10-feet, to accommodate the path, which required an extension of the piers.

One of the challenges of this project was building consensus and working with St. Luke’s Hospital Management. Providing access to staff during construction was also a challenge which was met successfully.