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Milwaukee County Historical Society

Milwaukee County Historical Society

KSingh was retained by Milwaukee County, as a part of a team, to provide exterior renovation design services for the Milwaukee County Historical Society Museum (Historical Center). KSingh provided settlement… Read the full article.

racine unified school district aquatic facility

Racine Unified School District Aquatic Facility

KSingh was retained to provide geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, and land surveying services for a new 51,538 square foot indoor aquatic facility located at Case High School in Racine, WI.

pulaski park

Pulaski Park

KSingh was retained by MMSD as part of a team to provide environmental services and construction support for the naturalization and widening of the Kinnickinnic River Channel through Pulaski Park… Read the full article.

milwaukee public schools playfields

Milwaukee Public Schools Playfields

KSingh was retained by Milwaukee Public Schools to provide geotechnical engineering services as part of a team for design renovations to 3 playfields: Custer, Columbia, and Southlawn. As part of… Read the full article.

menomonee park beach house

Menomonee Park Beach House

KSingh was retained by Waukesha County as part of a team to provide civil engineering and structural engineering services for the renovation of an existing beach house located at Menomonee… Read the full article.

komatsu riverwalk

Harbor District Riverwalk

KSingh was retained as part of a team to provide environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, and land surveying services for the expansion of the Milwaukee Riverwalk into the Harbor District to… Read the full article.

hindu temple of wisconsin

Hindu Temple of Wisconsin

KSingh was retained to perform Geotechnical & Environmental Investigations at the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin in 1997. In 2014, KSingh was again retained to perform Geotechnical Investigations for the 7,000… Read the full article.

good hope library image

Good Hope Library & Fortitude Apartments

KSingh was retained to provide environmental, geotechnical, civil engineering, land surveying, and lead and asbestos inspection services for the development of a four-story apartment building above a Milwaukee Public Library…. Read the full article.

Charles Allis Museum

Charles Allis Museum

KSingh provided structural engineering services for the renovation of the Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI. KSingh’s scope of services included the structural design of the repair and replacement… Read the full article.

MKE Zoo West Entrance

Milwaukee County Zoo West Entrance and Otter Exhibit

KSingh provided master planning services for future developments at the Milwaukee County Zoo. As a part of this project, KSingh provided the design of the West entrance, new facility exhibits… Read the full article.

State Fair Park Sewer reconnection

State Fair Park Sewer Reconnection

KSingh was retained by the Division of Facilities Development to prepare a sewer reconnection design study on the State Fair Park Fairgrounds. KSingh completed a concept design study that connects… Read the full article.

Jackson Park

Jackson Park & 43rd Street Ditch

As part of a flood management project, stream restoration, and park design project, KSingh conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and subsequent environmental services for the project including Jackson… Read the full article.

South Shore Park Bathymetric

South Shore Park Bathymetric Survey

KSingh was retained to provide bathymetric survey services for Milwaukee County’s South Shore Park Parking Lot Improvements project. The KSingh team provided these services successfully and the end result was… Read the full article.

st lucys church

St. Lucy’s Church

KSingh has been retained to provide structural engineering for this church expansion project. The church consisted of large steel columns supporting wide span wood trusses. The new opening for the… Read the full article.

KK River Parkway Replacement

KK River Parkway Bridge Replacement

Milwaukee County retained KSingh to provide structural engineering services for the replacement of the KK River Parkway Bridge. Challenges included hydraulics and accommodation of the KK River Trail.

Beerline Trail Extension

Beerline Trail Extension

KSingh was retained by the City of Milwaukee to provide design services for the extension of the Beerline Trail from Richards Street to Capitol Drive. The extension was approximately 0.70… Read the full article.

Menomonee River Environmental Restoration

Menomonee River Environmental Restoration

KSingh was retained to provide on-call engineering services for concrete removal for the Menomonee River Channel between Wisconsin Avenue and IH94 west of the Valley Park subdivision. KSingh provided Geotechnical… Read the full article.