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CTH YY Reconstruction

CTH YY Reconstruction
Waukesha County
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K. Singh & Associates, Inc. (KSingh) was retained by the Waukesha County Department of Public Works to design and prepare final roadway plans and specifications to reconstruct the CTH YY (Pilgrim Road) and West Burleigh Road intersection area and to replace a traffic signal. The existing facility had substandard sight distance and drainage issues.

KSingh improved the sight distances by updating the vertical profile of CTH YY north and south of the intersection by cutting sharp hills and filling valleys. By making these improvements, drivers have increased sight distance and therefore have adequate or sufficient time to make safe movements. Another method of increasing sight distance was to incorporate flatter side slopes and clearing obstacles such as vegetation. By cutting hills and filling valleys, earthwork was balanced.

To incorporate the high level of pedestrian traffic, KSingh included a multi-use bicycle/pedestrian path in the design. The path was requested by the city of Brookfield to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety.

A major component of the project was stormwater management. Surrounding homes sit lower than the roadway. To reduce flooding, KSingh developed an innovative, hybrid urban-rural typical section.

KSingh conducted a crash analysis, intersection capacity analysis, traffic analysis, and traffic projections. The team developed traffic signal and lighting plans. Construction for this project is planned for 2016.