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Transportation Engineering

KSingh has been providing transportation engineering services for nearly 20 years. The team successfully delivers trail, local road, and highway design projects. The team has worked on rehabilitation, reconditioning, and reconstruction projects. In addition to local road and state highway projects, KSingh’s team has also successfully delivered interstate corridor projects.

The team also designs highway structures including bridges, culverts, and retaining walls. Our team has very strong mix of senior, project, and staff level professionals who bring unique experiences to the team. Our engineers are cross trained in construction to ensure the team’s designs are constructible.

After 20 years of delivery, the team has developed a design workflow that integrates QA/QC, engineering, and analysis in parallel. This allows the team to design in parallel with design and constructability reviews. The reviews take place within the design model to avoid time and material waste associated with plotting and printing. This workflow ultimately allows the team to deliver more quickly and more cost effectively. Our team provides the following services within the transportation design arena:

  • State Trunk Highway design
  • County Trunk Highway design
  • Local Road design
  • Multi-modal design
  • Trail design
  • Shared-use path design
  • Interstate design
  • Interchange design
  • Traffic signal design
  • Traffic analysis
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Traffic counting
  • Grant writing assistance (LRIP, TAP, CMAQ)